The Art of Angel@MyHome

Enter the world of Angel@MyHome .

The inspiring paintings and elements from the works of Maria Angela
transforming your world into a place of spiritual contemplation.

A magical & colorful scenery but foremost a unique & elegant wall covering collection.

About Angel@MyHome

Angel@MyHome on the one hand reflects her spiritual artistry and on the other it gives colour and shape to our daily existence. In the form of high-quality artistic wall decoration (Wall Art), widely applicable and sleek wall covering (Wall Dressing) and high-quality reproductions of her original work (High Gloss Printed Art).

Her oeuvre comprises some 160 paintings, which the Angel@MyHome design team has recreated in numerous variations in themes. So that every space where the work will be hung is influenced by an organic awareness of the “there is more between heaven and earth" and the beauty of shapes, images, patterns and colours. Themes such as faces, butterflies, flowers, symbols, angels recur frequently, but also surreal and magical-realistic themes are reminiscent of work by Dali, Margrite, Jeroen Bosch and other mystics.


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